``Challenging New Ideas into Geospatial and Virtual Engineering World``

Geomount DJI

Who We Are

Geomount Inc., a Canadian engineering technology incorporation, based in Vancouver, BC. It was established and created using  UAV drone mapping and Photogrammetry technologies to develop VR/AR applications to provide safe training applications for the engineering and construction industry. 

As a representative of many engineering products (Geospatial and Reconstructions technologies) with a qualified designing team and our collaborative approach, we innovate applications that enable the architects and civil engineers to apply what they have planned in their project with our services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best quality service and work locally in the communities where we love to innovate and share employee resources by integrating geometric models and related engineering tools.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to offer a new perspective for BIM (Building Information Modeling) by using UAV and Indoor 3D scanning across the entire construction project, from as-builts to facility management and compliance.

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